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Avialogs.com was launched in 2010 by Benoit de Mulder as an online library for specialist circles and historical aircraft enthusiasts, who until then struggled to find technical and historical documentation in the field of aviation.

Avialogs now provides a wide audience with access to thousands of aviation documents including flight manuals, technical documentation, brochures and books, at the lowest possible cost.

Over the years, website traffic has steadily increased and Avialogs has become a world reference in their field (over 1 million pages viewed per year with visitors from 197 countries).

In 2017, they were presented with the opportunity to acquire a Douglas DC-3 C/N 12253 built in 1944, following which Avialogs was officially established as a non-profit organisation.

Avialogs Aéronautique’s missions are to:

  • Preserve and maintain all books, documents, photos and films relating to aviation.
  • Make their collection of documents and archives publicly available via the website Avialogs.com and cooperative arrangements with other aviation organisations.
  • Preserve and restore the DC-3 C/N 12253
  • Organize events on the theme of aviation.
  • Promote careers in the aerospace sector.